Duo sentenced to probation in iPhone 4 prototype theft case

Duo sentenced to probation in iPhone 4 prototype theft case

Two men have been found guilty of stealing a prototype Apple iPhone 4 device, which was subsequently sold to gadget blog Gizmodo.

Brian John Hogan and Sage Robert Wallower, who had pleaded guilty earlier this week, were sentenced to one year of probation coupled with 40 hours of public service. The duo was also ordered to pay Apple $250 in restitution—although, interestingly, they have been allowed to keep the $4,750 in profit from the sale of the device.

Last year, Apple engineer Gray Powell lost the device in a bar in Redwood City, from where it was taken by Hogan. The phone was then sold to Gizmodo. The blog subsequently published images, video and details about the phone, attracting enormous traffic but also the ire of Apple. The company has since barred Gizmodo from events and initiated an investigation into whether the site was guilty of accepting stolen property.

The case is not an isolated one, and Apple itself may also be facing legal action from Sergio Calderon, the 22-year-old who alleged that Apple employees impersonated plainclothes police officers and searched his house for an unreleased iPhone which the company lost earlier this year.

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