Want iOS 5 right now? Anyone can install the Gold Master release

Want iOS 5 right now? Anyone can install the Gold Master release

Here’s something that’s a bit of a change for you. It appears that Apple forgot to turn on the client protection in its latest release of iOS 5. The Gold Master release, which is essentially the same thing that will ship out to customers as a live version on October 12th, is the final developer release and contains the code as it should ship to consumers. In some cases, if you’re running the Gold Master, you’re not even required to upgrade when the “live” release ships.

Typically speaking, developer previews are just that – made for developers. They’re tied to Apple’s UDID system, and if your phone isn’t in Apple’s developer database, then you don’t get to run the software. But this time around, things are different, whether intentional or accidental. We’ve been seeing reports that you can in fact install the software regardless of whether or not your UDID is on file with Apple.

Now here’s the rub – you have to actually have access to the IPSW file that goes with your device, and you’ll also need iTunes Beta 7, 8 or 9. In order to get these, you’re supposed to log into the Apple Developer account, but chances are that Google could lead you in the right direction, too.

Of course, do this at your own risk. If you manage to turn your phone into a doorstop, we take no responsibility for your actions. Ah yes, and bear in mind that Apple has a magic button which can make your phone stop working if you’re not running the right software.

Or so we’ve been told.

If you’ve not been keeping up with the massive, sweeping changes of iOS 5, you can play catch-up here. Want to know all about what Apple released today? Our roundup post has everything you need to know.

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