Apple stops selling boxed software to campus stores

Apple stops selling boxed software to campus stores

Apple continues its march to cease selling any software in boxes at all with a move to cease shipping software to educational resellers on school campuses, reports ZDnet. This decision shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise to anyone that has been following the release of OS X Lion or, previously, the Mac App Store.

Apple has been working on getting its software delivery system converted to software only since the introduction of the Mac App Store and took a huge leap forward when it shifted to a digital-only distribution for its release of OS X Lion.

Now, a letter sent to a ‘major academic institution’ informed them that Apple would no longer be selling them boxed software with a ‘limited exception’.

Apple confirmed today that, with limited exception, they will cease to ship boxed software to campus resellers. This includes Mac OS X Snow Leopard , iLife, iWork, Apple Remote Desktop, and Aperture, among others.

We have a limited supply of copies of each in stock in the store, so consider this a “last call” for anyone who would like a hard copy before they are gone. Particularly anyone who would like to get Snow Leopard, as we just received our final shipment of that version of the OS.

The only products that will remain as boxed software offerings are Logic Express and Logic Studio.

Honestly, university customers are the most likely to have access to an internet connection and therefore shouldn’t be inconvenienced too much by this. If millions of people could buy Lion from the MAS, why not iLife or Aperture?


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