These Disney Cars toys interact with the iPad in a super cool way

These Disney Cars toys interact with the iPad in a super cool way

Disney has just launched a line of toys that I think are some of the coolest gadgets for kids that I have ever seen. They are a line of toys themed around the Cars universe that interact with specially designed apps on the iPad.

The Appmates toys are used by dragging the toys across the top of the iPad in order to race and perform other activities. Each toy unlocks different features in the apps, making them a collectible draw. The app is going to be a free download and the cars will run $20 for a two-pack.

You lay the iPad down flat and place the toy on the screen. It interacts with the device by touch and will allow you to race down tracks, play games and activate special powers that will help you use it. The whole things looks pretty darn cool. Check out the video to see what I mean:

The only thing that had me cringing a bit was the placing of plastic toys directly on the screen, but I’m assuming that the wheels and bottom are made of a soft enough material to prevent any scratching. Now you just have to make sure that your kid doesn’t get frustrated enough at the game to smash the toy against the screen.

The toys will be available in October through both Apple and Disney stores as well as other retailers.

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