Apple’s iPhone 5 very likely to be released on October 14th, iOS 5 on the 12th

Apple’s iPhone 5 very likely to be released on October 14th, iOS 5 on the 12th

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Apple today announced that it will be holding its next iPhone event on Tuesday, October 4th. This is where we will see Apple’s next device announced, but when will we see it arrive for sale?

We have been told by a reliable source that you should expect to be able to line up and purchase your next iPhone on Friday, October 14th.

We have been hearing the October 14th date for a while now but have just received additional confirmation. Several pieces of information appear to back this up. First, there have been reports that Apple is restricting vacation days on the weekend of the 14th, something that it commonly does for iPhone releases.

Then there was the statement a couple of weeks ago by Stéphane Richard, CEO of France Telecom, that the iPhone would be available on that network on October 15th.

As with anything like this, sources can be wrong and Apple holds its cards closely, so there is always a possibility that this is incorrect, but everything that we have heard so far is pointing to the next iPhone being available a week and a half after the event.

Incidentally, we’re also hearing that the release of iOS 5 will come a couple of days before, on October 12th. This lines up with one of the dates of the Twitter Developer Teatime events discussing iOS 5 integration that we mentioned last week.

So, will you be lining up on the 14th to snag your new iPhone or is it mail order for you? Or are you not planning on forking over your cash to Apple at all?

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