T-Mobile CMO Cole Broadman again confirms no iPhone this year

T-Mobile CMO Cole Broadman again confirms no iPhone this year

According to its CMO, Cole Brodman, T-Mobile will not be getting the iPhone this year, reports All Things D’s Ina Fried. The device is strongly rumored to appear on the Sprint network along with AT&T and Verizon when it is released next month. T-Mobile had been suggested as an additional recipient of the iPhone bonus, but apparently that is not to be.

Brodman spoke to the publication and complimented the iPhone, saying that it is a “great device” and that T-Mobile would “love to have it.” But, says Brodman, “If we were to get an iPhone this year, nobody has told us.”

This is the second time that Broadman has indicated that the company will not be getting the iPhone this year, although the last time it was at an inner-company town hall meeting. At that meeting he specifically referred to the iPhone 5, leaving some room for speculation that it might get the older iPhone 4. This new statement seems to belie that rumor though.

Instead, T-Mobile is focusing on other options. “We’re preparing to run this year and into 2012 primarily with Android and Blackberry and Windows Phone 7,” he said.

This is obviously a blow to those on T-Mobile hoping to see the iPhone appear on the network which is generally considered to be friendly to the consumer both in plan pricing and customer service. The company announced several new devices today, including the HTC Amaze, a 42Mbps 4G device and the Samsung Galaxy S II for its network.

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