Check out this designer’s slick mockup of the New York Times iPhone app

Check out this designer’s slick mockup of the New York Times iPhone app

Cuchi Costa is a 23-year-old user interface designer living in Portugal and he loves to read The New York Times. He says he also loves the publication’s iPhone app, but thought that he could do better with its design, so he came up with what he calls an “unsolicited redesign” for it.

His proposed design has a new and improved way to select your top sections, with simple tap-and-hold dragging mechanics for adding or removing items from the list. It will also allow you to then switch between the top sections with the flick of a finger towards the left or right while browsing through the news. The whole redesign is centred around making it easier and faster to get to your favourite articles.

He wants to add a preference in the app that enlarges and reflows the text in landscape mode to make it easier on the eyes and a brand new feature which will allow you to filter news items based on your current location. He also adds some social features to it, beyond the ones that are already there. You’ll be able to comment on stories and, as you can now, share them with your friends.

Other features include the ability to change the font size, fullscreen viewing of images, a selection of top articles based on how often they are being shared and the ability to mark articles and other media as favourites.

Cuchi is a self-taught designer who freely admits that he had none of the real-world constraints that the app’s original designers had when they were coming up with its UI. But he hopes that his ideas can perhaps help shape the future of the app. Given what they look like in these mockups, we sure hope so too.

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