66% of iPhone users want an iPhone 5, 85% of tablet buyers want iPads

66% of iPhone users want an iPhone 5, 85% of tablet buyers want iPads

There are some interesting stats in a survey by ChangeWave research conducted this month including the fact that 66% of current iPhone users are likely to purchase the iPhone 5 when it’s released later this year, reports Fortune. Another interesting statistic was the fact that, of those interested in purchasing tablets, 85% were planing on buying an iPad.

The statistics underline the very high demand for Apple’s devices in the upcoming purchasing season. They caused RBC Capital’s Mike Abramsky to raise is fourth quarter estimates for sales of iPads in Q4 to 12.5 million units and iPhones in Q1 2012 to 27 million units.

The iPad numbers are the most staggering though, showing an incredibly one-sided trend in the respondents. A margin of error of a few percentage points one way or another is to be expected in any survey of course, but the incredibly lopsided results that are seen here points to the fact that when people think of tablets, they think of the iPad first and not much else.

There were also some interesting statistics about the other carriers that are rumored to be getting the iPhone. 54% of Sprint subscribers and 53% of T-Mobile customers say that they are more likely to get an iPhone than other devices on those networks if it becomes available.

Surveys aren’t always indicators of customer behavior when it comes down to it, but these figures seem to indicate that Apple is set to have a banner fourth quarter.

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