Apple’s new ‘Student Jobs’ website: Offering internships to students and jobs to graduates

Apple’s new ‘Student Jobs’ website: Offering internships to students and jobs to graduates ...

Apple has launched a new Student Jobs website that offers internships and retail positions to current students and serves as a place to recruit recent graduates. A student jobs website has existed before but this is a significant revamp.

The website features several sections dedicated to enticing students and graduates with various job opportunities at Apple. The options for students include Internships, Apple Retail Store positions and a position as an Apple Campus Representative.

Apple describes being a Campus Rep this way:

As an Apple Campus Rep, you’ll host workshops, deliver demos, throw events, and build relationships on campus. You’ll collaborate with the Apple team and help run marketing activities and promotions to increase awareness of Apple products among students, faculty, and staff.

A traditional internship is also available:

At Apple, interns are an important part of the team. Whether you sign on for a summer internship or a co-op during the academic year, you’ll be working on critical projects. Better yet, you’ll be that much closer to landing a full-time job at Apple after graduation.

You might help engineer the next iPad, develop the next generation of Mac OS X, create the marketing materials for a top-secret product launch, manufacture the next new product, or travel internationally to help open a new store. We rely on interns in various corporate locations outside the United States too.

There are also sections available for Retail Store positions, Retail Store management and corporate jobs for those looking to move on to a career with Apple after getting their degrees.

There have been a couple of Apple internships in the news lately, including Peter Hajas, the creator of MobileNotifier, a jailbreak app that some say inspired the look of the new iOS 5 notifications. Comex, aka Nicholas Alegra, a renowned jailbreak tool developer, was also recently offered an internship with Apple.

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