Apple’s Eddy Cue: iTunes Match coming to Canada shortly after US launch

Apple’s Eddy Cue: iTunes Match coming to Canada shortly after US launch

Apple’s head of Internet Services, Eddy Cue, has replied to a customer email inquiring about when the iTunes Match service would be coming to Canada, reports iPhoneinCanada. The email was originally sent to Apple’s new CEO Tim Cook, who forwarded the email to Cue.

One of the site’s readers, Sheldon, sent the email inquiring about iTunes Match to Cook:

Greetings from Toronto!


I’m curious to know if there have been any significant developments regarding iTunes Match for the Canadian market.



Eddy Cue replied back, saying that the US launch would come first, followed up shortly with the addition of Canada.

Hi Sheldon,

We’re working on adding Canada and hope to do so shortly after the US launch.


iTunes Match is currently in beta in the US, with access limited to developers only. The music storage and download service was announced at this year’s WWDC conference in June. The service will allow users to upload songs that they currently own that are not present in Apple’s iTunes Store as well as access songs purchased there from up to 10 computers or iOS devices.

This week it was discovered that songs streamed immediately from Apple’s iCloud servers even if they were not present on the device locally, and that the cache of these songs was erased unless the iCloud button was specifically tapped. If this sounds like a streaming service to you, you’re not alone. But Apple claims that iTunes Match is purely a downloading service and that users are merely seeing the file play as it downloads to the device.

Hopefully we’ll get more clarity on the features of iTunes Match before its release, but at least we now know that there won’t be much of a delay before the service shows up in Canada.

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