Apple reportedly sourcing vendors for next generation ‘quad-core’ A6 chip

Apple reportedly sourcing vendors for next generation ‘quad-core’ A6 chip

Apple is in talks with packaging firm Siliconware Precision Industries to produce its next generation of A-series silicon, reports Digitimes. The publication states that industry sources are saying that Apple is looking at SPIL to produce the A6 chip, the next version of the ‘A’ series processor preceded by the iPhone 4’s A4 and the iPad 2’s A5.

Apparently, Apple paid a visit to SPIL in order to discuss an opportunity for the company to become the A6 chip’s packaging and testing provider. This would mark a first for Apple who normally deals directly with a vendor rather than a company that outsources the components and then packages them itself.

SPIL has denied the speculation by Digitimes sources at this time. Samsung currently provides Apple with the A4 chips that power its iPhone 4 and iPad, but Apple is apparently moving on from them for the A6. A report late last month indicated that Apple was going with rival silicon maker TSMC for the production of the A6 and was as far along as performing trials. Talks with SPIL could indicate that it is looking for a company to handle the sourcing of parts and assemble them itself.

The A6 chip is slated to go into production in the first quarter of 2012, most likely too late to appear in the iPad 3, which should show up some time in the first quarter as well. The first device to use the A6 might not appear until June of next year or later.

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