Apple releases OS X 10.7.1 update in Mac App Store too

Apple releases OS X 10.7.1 update in Mac App Store too

Just about a week ago Apple relased its first update to OS X Lion, version 10.7.1. Today it has made that update available through the Mac App Store as well.

The previous version of the 10.7.1 update was available as a standalone update only and had to be downloaded outside of the Mac App Store. Since OS X Lion was the first Apple OS to be delivered completely digitally, with no physical disk, many assumed that updates would be coming through the App Store where the purchase was made.

The update included some basic fixes for OS X Lion:

The 10.7.1 update is recommended for all users running OS X Lion and includes general operating system fixes that enhance the stability and compatibility of your Mac, including fixes that:

– Address an issue that may cause the system to become unresponsive when playing a video in Safari
– Resolve an issue that may cause system audio to stop working when using HDMI or optical audio out
– Improve the reliability of Wi-Fi connections
– Resolve an issue that prevents transfer of your data, settings, and compatible applications to a new Mac running OS X Lion

For detailed information on this update, please visit this website:

Now, the update is available on the Mac App Store, with the latest version of the OS showing as 10.7.1. New purchasers will get the 10.7.1 version right out of the gate, with no further updates necessary.

While we were initially seeing reports that the update wasn’t appearing under the “Updates” tab of the Mac App Store, we’re some people like Dan Frakes, say that the update now appears in the list along with any others you have pending. The download is apparently the full size of OS X Lion.

Check it out and let us know, if you have Lion installed is the latest update showing for you?

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