Apple’s rumoured 55-inch TV will not use LG’s OLED technology, say sources

Apple’s rumoured 55-inch TV will not use LG’s OLED technology, say sources

Rumours that Apple would be partnering with LG to produce a 55-inch OLED television have been dealt a blow after sources close to the matter said that the chances that Apple would incorporate the more advanced technology in its screens are “currently very low”, Korea Times reports.

Reports have suggest that Apple has turned its focus to the television market, providing a device that would possibly allow users to stream music, videos and TV shows via its iTunes platform, but Apple is currently unsure of OLED technology due to its higher cost and related issues with large-sized OLED displays.

Limited life span, color balance-related issues, an efficiency of blue OLED vital for the success of OLED replacing LED and screen burn-in are regarded the headaches, making Apple hesitate to use the displays on Apple TV.

The sources claimed Apple may use picture quality-enhanced and tech-sharpened LCD displays for its televisions, as there are minor differences between OLEDs and LCDs at least to general consumers who don’t have much knowledge of displays.

Apple has a track record of utilising high-quality, proven technologies in its devices, so a move to a display technology that has not yet received full backing of the television industry would understandably leave the Cupertino-based company worried.

With the possibility of using OLED screens in its iPhone and iPad devices, Apple has again steered away from the technology, using picture quality-enhanced LCD screens in its next-generation iPad, with the next iPhone will follow suit.

A top-level executive predicts Apple will move to OLED displays in “three to four years”, when the technology is much more established.

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