Apple’s impressive glass-roofed Santa Monica store approved, no questions asked

Apple’s impressive glass-roofed Santa Monica store approved, no questions asked

Apple’s proposal for a new building on the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica was passed by the city’s Planning Commission on Wednesday, without so much as a question raised or statement from the building’s commissioners, the Santa Monica Dispatch reports.

As is customary with any planning proposal, City staff were required to prepare a detailed report on Apple’s new Store project in the area, complete with renderings, where it was approved. However, the nature of which it was approved was very different from other commercial proposals submitted before the Commission.

According to the Dispatch, staff put the project on the Consent Calendar, which is relatively unheard of. Typically proposals would need to be discussed individually but as the Consent Calendar is approved as a whole, unless someone wishes to discuss it in more detail, the new Apple Store was given the go-ahead without questioning or any real discussion.

And in that crucial blink, the commissioners approved the Consent Calendar (aka Apple Glass House), and that was that – except for a staff report on the redesign of the Project Case List, after which they adjourned.

I’ve always favored low key, but no key leaves a lot to be desired. In this case, I wanted very much to hear the Commissioners talk about Apple’s glass house…so very, very much. But, apparently, they were rendered
speechless. Or had early dinner plans.

It suggests the city rather likes the idea of upgraded Apple retail presence.

The impressive rendering features an entire roof and the front of the 8,084 square foot building made out of sheer glass and will be replacing a three-story Borders that currently occupies the position.

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