Apple ships 13.6m units, earns 21.1% of mobile PC market on strong iPad sales

Apple ships 13.6m units, earns 21.1% of mobile PC market on strong iPad sales

Apple sold 13.5 million mobile personal computer units in Q2 of 2011, as long as you consider the iPad a computer, according to a report today from DisplaySearch. The maker increased its shipments 136% year over year, overtaking second place HP. Of those 13.5 million units, almost 80% were iPads.

According to the report, Apple’s combined portable sales eclipsed HP, the next closest contender, by 3.9 million. This brings Apple’s market share in the mobile PC market to 21.1%, making it the biggest vendor by share. Dell, Acer and Lenovo rounded out the pack with less than 12% each.

Apple is clearly leading the pack in tablet shipments with a lion’s share of the 16.4 million units shipped in Q2 2011. Apple shipped 10.7 million iPads. Shipments of non-Apple tablets reached 5.6 million units for the quarter. Unlike its competitors, Apple also sold every iPad it could ship, while many competitors find themselves shipping a lot of tablets but not selling all that many.

While mobile PCs experienced growth over the quarter, tablet PCs continued to drive that growth. They were up 70% from last quarter and 400% from last year. Notebook PCs, by comparison, were down 2% from last quarter and up a mere 2% from last year, with 48 million units shipped in Q2 2011. When you goose the mobile numbers with tablets, the entire market went up 28% from last year, making the iPad and, to some degree, its competitors, the mobile PC of choice for most customers worldwide.

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