Get a closer look at the plans for Apple’s sweet Grand Central store in NYC

Get a closer look at the plans for Apple’s sweet Grand Central store in NYC

The Metropolitan Transit Authority has released a basic floor plan and high resolution renders of Apple’s proposed store in New York City’s Grand Central Terminal, reports The Mac Observer. The details include a floor-plan and renders that show some new angles of Apple’s proposed plan.

While some renders had been released previously, when the store was announced, these new jobs are high res and show additional details. I am loving this view of the front of the store showing the main entrance. The Apple logo makes a statement there for sure.

Another new render shows the interior of the store populated with a few photoshop puppets. I’m loving the huge display on the right hand side of the space as well. I’m sure it will be one of their standard backlit panels, but it would be an ideal animated display opportunity.

The floorplan released shows that the store occupies and L-shaped space, much of it on the East Balcony. As we understand it, large areas of the space will be dedicated to ‘rear of store’. This is where storage and service areas will be located.

Apple paid the current tennants of the spot, the Metrazur restaurant, $5 million to leave their slot early and will pay $1.1 million a month in rent. The store will occupy 24,000 square feet in the terminal, one of the most highly trafficked in the world.

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