Apple will not hold iPhone 5 launch event on September 7th

Apple will not hold iPhone 5 launch event on September 7th

According to Jim Dalrymple of The Loop, Apple will not be holding an event on September 7th to launch their next iPhone.

According to my sources,” says Dalrymple, “Apple will not have an event or launch the next iPhone on September 7. It’s hard to say how that specific date was chosen by the sites that started the rumor, other than it fits into the timeline of previous Apple events.”

Dalrymple’s Apple news sources are nomally impeccable and he has a reputation for not opening his mouth about Apple rumors unless he has solid evidence. I would treat this as a very solid indication that the iPhone will not be introduced on September 7th.

Many sites have been reporting the September 7th date based on Japanese site Kodawarisan, which today said that Apple would be holding an ‘iPod media event’ on September 7th. This lead to drawn conclusions that this would be the event where the iPhone 5 was introduced.

The first iPhone was announced in January 2007 and released that summer. Each subsequent iPhone has been announced at Apple’s WWDC event and then released to the public several weeks later. This summer came and went without the announcement or introduction of a new iPhone as WWDC 2011 focused on Apple’s new Lion OS and iOS 5. This has led many to believe that Apple will release a new iPhone later this year.

September or October some time are the most likely candidates for such a release. September is normally when Apple holds a music-related event where it announces iTunes features and new iPod touch devices, which normally share many specifications with the new iPhone.

If an iPhone is released later this year, there is no chance that it would appear after October as a November introduction is too late for the holiday shopping season. The event may not be on September 7th, but you can bet that it will be held within that two-month window. We’ll be bringing you all of the details of course.

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