Sprint support rep says carrier “planning” to launch iPhone

Sprint support rep says carrier “planning” to launch iPhone

Take this one with a huge grain of salt, but Beatweek is reporting that it has been sent a series of screenshots that detail a conversation between a Sprint support rep and a customer indicating that the carrier will be offering the iPhone.

The conversation between the customer and the support rep apparently got around to the question of whether or not Apple’s smartphone would be arriving on the carrier at some point.

“Is there any possibility of an iPhone on Sprint in the near future?,” asked the customer, to which the rep replied  “Please know that we are planning to launch the phone…”. The rep did not go on to give any details about details or a time frame.

So there are a couple of possibilities here, either Apple has been in talks with Sprint, and the company has just gotten a little too excited and started sharing too much information internally, or the rep is completely off their rocker and just spouting random crap to try to retain a customer based on the remote possibility that the iPhone might come to Sprint at some point.

Yeah, let us save you the trouble of figuring this one out. Low-level support reps for Sprint, or any other carrier for that matter, do not know anything about the next iPhone.

While it is definitely an attractive possibility, there are no indications that the iPhone 5, or any future iPhone for that matter, will be available on Sprint as of yet. That being said, it most likely will happen at some point, because the Verizon version of Apple’s iPhone 4 could really already work on Sprint with some small tweaks.

Both Sprint and, if it still exists, T-Mobile may be planning on carrying the iPhone at some point, but this support rep probably knows nothing about the plans beyond the fact that Sprint probably really, really wishes it could.

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