Evidence of new Mac Pro, MacBook Air models coming this week

Evidence of new Mac Pro, MacBook Air models coming this week

There may be new Mac Pro and MacBook Air models coming this week featuring upgrades like Sandy Bridge processors and Thunderbolt ports, a source has informed 9to5Mac. The source supplied model numbers for four new MacBook Airs and four new Mac Pro’s.

The MacBook Air model numbers almost certainly represent two 11-inch models and two 13-inch models. This would mirror the current lineup somewhat, with the ‘upper’ options likely being available with beefed up specs. The upgrades are rumored to be mostly internal, with the new MacBook’s getting an upgrade to the newer, more powerful Sandy Bridge processors from Intel. One external change will be the addition of a Thunderbolt port that will allow connection of peripherals like speedy hard drives and external monitors.

Model numbers for new Mac Pros have apparently surfaced as well, indicating that a refresh of Apple’s upper end desktop machines may be coming this week as well. There are four models including one Server model, although details about specifications are scarce at this point. Obviously, Thunderbolt capability is probably a given.

New Mac Pros and MacBook Airs just in time for the release of Mac OS X Lion this month would be good timing. This would enable Apple to ship these new Macs with OS X Lion pre-installed.

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