iPad HD for pros and redesigned iPhone 5, coming in September?

iPad HD for pros and redesigned iPhone 5, coming in September?

The rumors swirling around a completely redesigned iPhone and new iPad both arriving later this year have reached a fever pitch. Now sources have informed This is My Next that a new iPad is coming later this year, but not to replace the iPad 2, but to give people a higher resolution ‘pro’ option.

The sources tell TiMN that the new iPad will be called the ‘iPad HD’ and that it will feature a 2048×1536 screen, double the resolution of the current iPad. That screen would be used to aim the product at ‘pro’ customers who have need of it for video editing or photo production. The iPad could launch alongside software that would appeal to those customers, like an iPad version of Final Cut Pro X or Aperture.

In addition, TiMN has received some news that clarifies the rumors around a new, redesigned, iPhone 5. Some rumors have reported that the new device would look the same as the current iPhone 4, but the site’s sources say that these rumors stem from the fact that the new components, which are smaller, are just being tested in the older iPhone 4 body. This would fit with some prototypes that we’ve seen that seem to be running the A5 chip.

This measure is being taken so as not to reveal the complete design of the new iPhone to testers. Some slight changes to the exterior, like a move to a 3.7″ display, would have to be visible, which is why we’ve seen these reports and rumors surfacing. This could be the source behind all of the reports of an intermediate iPhone that keeps the same design as the iPhone 4.

But, according to the sources, we won’t be seeing the familiar design of the current iPhone any more as the design is ‘out of favor at the highest levels of the company’ and a completely fresh design is on the way.

As always, rumors from anonymous sources are hard to take without a grain of salt, but the story here seems to answer a lot of questions about why we’ve seen so many clues to a higher-resolution iPad screen and rumors of a next-gen iPhone that looks so similar to the current model. We’ll all find out in September.

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