Apple Is Now The 21st Biggest US Retailer

Apple Is Now The 21st Biggest US Retailer

A new report released by the National Retail Federation ranking the the 100 largest U.S retailers has highlighted the huge growth of Amazon and Apple, with both companies moving fast up the rankings to 19th and 21st respectively.

Apple’s retail stores, coupled with its iTunes media service, saw its position rise 30 spots – moving from No. 52 to No. 21 – with U.S sales increasing by 32.3% to reach $18 billion. With just 233 stores as of 2010, Apple ranks higher than J.C Penney, Gap and Subway – companies that own 28,000 stores between them.

Walmart, Kroger and Target rank in the top three positions, but online-retailer Amazon has also posted another big gain, moving to No. 19 in the rankings. Helped by sales of its Kindle, it jumped 7 spots after its U.S sales climbed 46.2% to $18.5 billion.

US mobile carrier Verizon took 47th place with its rival AT&T ranking 59th. Computer vendor Dell was further down the listing in 71st position.

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