I want this slick iMessage for OS X concept to be real

I want this slick iMessage for OS X concept to be real

This concept for an iMessage app for OS X Lion is just that, a concept, but I wish it was real. The designer, Jan-Michael Cart, has produced other slick-looking ‘wish-fullfilment’ videos for potential Apple software in the past and this one is just as nice.

The video, discovered by Macstories, was posted to Cart’s YouTube channel and shows off a nice iMessage app for OS X that integrates seamlessly with the iPhone, iPad and iPod versions found in iOS 5. The Mac is the last line of devices that we’ll be left without a way to seamlessly communicate with from iDevices once iOS 5 hits in the fall. An iMessage app seems almost inevitable at this point and would be an easy addon to Lion later this year, if Apple chooses to do so.

iMessage is Apple’s new cross-device messaging service that was announced at WWDC. You can read more about the implications of iMessage here.

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