It looks like iCloud will have some web apps after all

It looks like iCloud will have some web apps after all

In my article earlier today about iClouds chances for success I mentioned that it was likely that we would see some web components of iCloud eventually and that it was too early to gripe about their absence. Now a Macrumors reader has uncovered what seems to be a portion of Apple’s MobileMe architecture that has been ported over to the new iCloud branding.

The reader sent themselves an event invitation from inside iOS 5 and got this screen, showing what resembles a MobileMe event page but with iCloud branding, hosted on the iCloud domain. This would seem to indicate, at least initially, that Apple is at work porting its MobileMe products over to iCloud versions.

I tried this out myself and the event invitation that showed up in my inbox is definitely iCloud branded, you can see the small cloud in the envelope graphic below. The shot above is what you get if you click in the link to see it on the web. You can see that the URL is definitely on the iCloud domain.

If this is true it would go a long way towards putting those people who were concerned with the lack of web apps for iCloud at ease. I, for one, don’t doubt that we’ll see at least Mail, Calendar, Find My iPhone and Contacts interfaces for iCloud on the web eventually.

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