Mobile Safari gets huge upgrades in iOS 5

Mobile Safari gets huge upgrades in iOS 5

If you’ve ever been browsing the Internet via your iOS device and been annoyed at exactly how bad Mobile Safari is as compared to the desktop client then today is a great bit of news. From the stage at WWDC, Apple has announced some great new features for the browser.

Reading List Options

Find something that you want to read, but you don’t have the time just now? A new option in Mobile Safari will let you strip out all of the document’s formatting and for an easier reading experience when it’s convenient for you. Oh yes, and it also syncs to your desktop.

Tabbed Browsing

Finally! There’s been nothing quite as annoying as having to flip back and forth through your history to get two pieces as side-by-side as possible. Now, with the new version of iOS, we’ll get tabbed browsing in Mobile Safari.

Deep Twitter Integration

We called this, and this is only part of the story, but you can now Tweet directly from Mobile Safari. In short, Apple is reaching deep into social, making every aspect count. This is only a glimpse of what those Twitter hooks will be able to do.

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