iPhone App lets your unborn baby pick its own name by kicking!

iPhone App lets your unborn baby pick its own name by kicking!

Picking the wrong name for your baby can lead to a lifetime of pain for both parent and child alike. I should know, I was once called Shirley (I’m kidding).

iPhone app Kick to Pick comes to the rescue by offering a way for your unborn baby to pick its own name.
You place your iPhone on your baby bump and using the built-in accelerometer, the app detects movement and scrolls through a list of thousands of potential names. If you’re not happy with the name it selects, you can try again but that would defeat the purpose right? Go with its first pick, Jack Goff is a great name!

The app was developed by UK based Nathan Parks and is available in the iTunes App Store for a mere $0.99.

On a side note to developers: This is the perfect example of an app that may not be ground breaking, but it will get thousands of sales and enormous press because: it’s different, it’s simple, it’s gorgeously designed, it has a great icon (believe me, that’s important), it’s the type of app you’d talk about at a dinner with friends AND anyone can relate to it.

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