Sex offender nabbed for using Facebook at Apple Store

Sex offender nabbed for using Facebook at Apple Store

Sheriff’s detectives arrested Robert Nicholas McGuire, a known sex offender, for logging onto Facebook at the Apple Store in downtown San Luis Obispo Wednesday afternoon. One of the detectives had recognized McGuire from a child pornography case.

Apparently McGuire went into the California Apple Store to check his Facebook account. When the detective recognized him, he sidled up to the computer to see what McGuire was doing. He didn’t just stop there though, he strolled up to the computer next to McGuire and logged onto the Megan’s Law website, a California-wide registry of sex offenders, and looked up McGuire’s current status.

Noting that McGuire was prohibited from using the Internet as a condition of his probation, the officers took McGuire into custody after he left the store.

I’ve actually been to this Apple Store many times as I live not too far away and visit San Louis regularly. It’s usually super packed with college students going about the business of spending tons of money on Apple stuff. Kudos to the sharp eyed detectives for making this predator and following up.

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