WWDC invites from Apple PR spark iPhone announcement rumors

WWDC invites from Apple PR spark iPhone announcement rumors

Apple’s iPhone PR team in the UK is apparently reaching out to journalists to invite them to attend WWDC 2011, sparking rumors anew that Apple will be releasing a new version of its iPhone at the conference.

Electricpig reports that the team is approaching journalists from major publications in an effort to get them to fly out to the event in San Francisco next month. The fact that the PR team is the one that handles iPhone press is sparking speculation that Apple will in fact release a new iPhone during the keynote address of the conference on June 7th.

We feel that any evidence pointing specifically to an iPhone release at WWDC is purely circumstantial at this point, especially as these invites are unconfirmed as of yet. Even if the report is accurate, the mere fact that it’s the iPhone PR team giving out invites does not make us think that a new iPhone is a lock for WWDC.

Most industry speculation has focused on WWDC as a software-only event, highlighting OS X Lion and iOS 5, with a separate iPhone announcement later this year.

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