What if you could print Polaroid photos from your iPhone?

What if you could print Polaroid photos from your iPhone?

While some folks consider physical photographs a step backwards in the evolution of photography (fair enough @BradMcCarty), the shutter-sound luddite inside me still enjoys holding a beautiful photograph, pinning it to my wall or pasting it in a diary.

While Instagram, PicPlz and every other of the millions of filter forming iPhone apps out there give users the washed out vibes that remind us of old times, we’re still stuck with digital photo libraries on the web and on our mobile phones. For all of you out there who wish there was an iPhone device to instantly print out your photos, this concept design by Mac Funamizu will make you smile.

Funamizu writes that in his design, if you upload the photo to a website, you can add an QR code for the url on the back. For a geo-tagged photo, you can also include the map to show where the photo was taken.

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