Samsung brings lawsuit against Apple to the US

Samsung brings lawsuit against Apple to the US

Samsung Electronics has now sued Apple in the US, widening it’s patent dispute out from previous claims in Asia and Europe.

According to Bloomberg, Samsung claims that Apple is infringing on 10 of it’s patents related to mobile phones, the same ones that it claims in the previous suits.

Apparently the technology includes “ways that a phone allows calls and Internet surfing at the same time; improvements in how text messages and attachments are sent; reductions in interference among mobile devices; and increases in the capacity of mobile networks.”

The lawsuits that Samsung has filed are in response to a suit by Apple against Samsung themselves earlier this month that claims that Apple’s designs were copied for the Galaxy line of products. They responded quickly too, filing them just a short time after vowing to fight the Apple patent suit.

This patent dispute is heating up and bringing the suit to the US, where Samsung received the second-highest number of patents issues last year is a statement from Samsung that they’re taking an aggressive stance. This is obviously part of Samsung’s process to defend Apple’s claims by making some of their own.

At this point the details of the original suit are fairly damning when it comes to interface details and the timeline of Apple’s introduction of the iPhone and Samsung’s subsequent introduction of the Galaxy line. The burden of swaying the public opinion is now on Samsung and it will be interesting to see how they use the US suit to do that.

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