New prototype hints at 4″ Screen and A5 for iPhone 5

New prototype hints at 4″ Screen and A5 for iPhone 5

A leak by Chinese gadget site M.I.C. Gadget has sparked further rumors relating to the size of the next generation iPhone’s screen.

It looks like they’ve gotten their hands on images of a prototype iPhone that has a larger 4″ screen instead of the standard 3.5″. The casing of the phone is identical to a white iPhone 4, indicating that this may be an early prototype of the iPhone 5.

M.I.C. still isn’t sure if the images are real but if this is a real device, it could very well contain the A5 processor. The A5 chip is currently only present in Apple’s iPad 2. It has been rumored to be powering a development test version of the iPhone 4 that Apple has provided to developers working on next-gen games for the iPhone 5.

The larger screen would also coincide with predictions made by ThisIsMyNext late last week in the mockup that they put together from various rumors and sources.

We’ll keep you posted if we get any confirmation that these images are real.

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