Apple Unveils Final Cut Pro X At Supermeet

Apple Unveils Final Cut Pro X At Supermeet

Apple just officially unveiled the new version of the Final Cut suite at the Final Cut Pro Supermeet during the National Association of Broadcasters trade show 2011 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The new version, called Final Cut Pro X, was rebuilt from ground up to run on 64-bit.

The new Final Cut software, according to MacStories, is touted as “revolutionary as the first version” from 1999. It’s a 64-bit complete rewrite of the widely used pro video editing software that is based on technologies like Cocoa, Core Animation, Open CL, Grand Central Dispatch, which can utilize up to 8 cores, and it focuses on image quality.

Aside from having a new user interface, it features a resolution independent playback system up to 4K for scalable rendering. The new video editing engine will also allow users to edit right away while importing as it features automatic media and people detection, as well as image stabilization on import.

It borrows a lot of UI elements from iMovie such as the smart collections of clips, which makes the design appealing for amateurs and professionals alike. Custom keywords can be added to to portions of clips in the browser for quick navigation.

It is currently in beta version and will be available on the Mac App Store in June for $299.

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