Flick Kick Chelsea Brings Team Pride to The Number One Football App

Flick Kick Chelsea Brings Team Pride to The Number One Football App

PikPok has just released its first branded version of their popular Flick Kick Football game for iOS devices, keeping the football goal-scoring greatness of the original and wrapping it in shiny new Chelsea branding. There’s more than just team colors on display here however as Flick Kick Chelsea brings with it a nice set of graphics upgrades, in-game Chelsea updates and better Achievement recognition.

If you’re a football fan and you haven’t tried out Flick Kick Football then you may have been living under a rock as it’s been the #1 paid app on the UK App Store and the #1 sports app in just about every other football loving country. Set in the ‘Golden Age of Football’, it’s a striking game that has you bending the ball around static or moving defenders with your finger. Finding the back of the net is a matter of finger control after you swipe the ball, making scoring through the gap a satisfying affair. The physics are top-notch and the retro graphics are superb, giving off a cool 70’s vibe.

The Chelsea version of Flick Kick Football retains everything that was good about the gameplay of the original and adds on slickly designed Chelsea branding, allowing you to bend and score in the confines of an accurate reproduction of Stamford Bridge stadium. In addition to branded menus and a Chelsea themed ball, you get up-to-date Chelsea FC results, a trivia game, a brief history of the club and direct links to the team’s official sites and social media outlets. In a nice touch the funny footballer quotes that you see in between games are now from famous Chelsea alums. PikPok says that you’ll also see in-game messages and updates from the club while you’re playing.

Chelsea retains all eight of the standard gameplay styles of the original including Arcade, Bullseye and Time attack modes as well as the Online or Pass & Play multiplayer. The graphics seem sharper, with higher frame rates than the original in some instances and the defender models have been upgraded to modern style players with increased detail. PikPok also added in weather effects like rain, which make the atmosphere more engaging but don’t seem to affect gameplay at all. During my testing I also noticed that when you gained Achievements they seemed to register quicker than the standard edition and they popped up during play itself rather than only on a return to the main menu as before. This means that you know when you’ve reached a milestone right away. In a nice touch, PikPok has made Flick Kick Chelsea a universal app that works with your iPhone or iPad for one purchase.

If you already have the original Flick Kick Football then I don’t know if the new Chelsea edition is worth the purchase based on just graphics upgrades, but if you’re a Chelsea fan it’s an easy decision. Now who wants a Liverpool or Manchester United edition?

Give Flick Kick Chelsea a try now for $1.99 on iTunes.

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