App Scanner hopes to help your iOS app get approved

App Scanner hopes to help your iOS app get approved

Chimp Studios has released a tool that aims to help developers have a smooth experience while submitting their apps to Apple.

App Scanner will search through code to locate any private APIs that may result in being rejected from the app store and could possibly flag your application in future submissions. App Scanner’s method of finding APIs is similar to the process that Apple uses to look for apps that use private APIs within their framework.

Chimp Studios itself was rejected by Apple after it tried to submit App Scanner to the Mac store. We’re guessing Apple didn’t want the trouble of developers whining after they were rejected — “even though App Scanner gave it the green light!”

App Scanner is free and comes with a sample iOS app, community feedback, a command line interface for script integrations and most importantly, it ensures the source code is free of private APIs. We can’t speak to the integrity of the app but it might be worth a try before sending it over to Apple’s approval team. If you’re interested in checking it out, the desktop app can be downloaded from Chimp Studio’s site.

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