Position your tablet anywhere with the SpiderpodiumTablet stand

Position your tablet anywhere with the SpiderpodiumTablet stand

Breffo has introduced a new handsfree spider-like product that works with a wide range of tablets and enables you to position your device almost anywhere.

SpiderpodiumTablet stand is a light-weight, bendable accessory that’s capable of hanging your tablet from objects and it also poses as a kickstand. Its flexible legs can be used to hold the device while its remaining limbs can prop up the tablet on a surface or be wrapped around something such as the head rest of a car seat.

It’s also ideal for traveling because it completely folds down flat and it’s small enough to fit into a purse or pocket.

At first glance, the design of Breffo’s product looks somewhat similar to Joby’s collection of stands. Like the Spiderpodium stand, Joby’s Yogi stand (for the iPad) sports bendable legs as well. However, it’s about $5 more expensive and doesn’t seem to work with additional tablets.

Breffo’s design supports most tablet devices on the market including the Xoom, both generations of the iPad, Dell’s Streak, Galaxy Tab and the EeePad. The SpiderpodiumTablet stand is available for $34.99 at Breffo and it additionally comes in two flavours; graphite and black.

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