iChair: A splendid kickstand case for almost every iOS device

iChair: A splendid kickstand case for almost every iOS device

It’s not always easy to catch our attention here at TNW. We see a lot of pitches, we use a lot of products. If you want to get our eye, you need to impress. iChair impresses.

iChair is a protection system for your original iPad or any iPhone. It’s a two-piece design that cradles your device and should prove to leave it well protected, too. Instead of just wrapping your device, the iChair for iPad has two kickstands on the back that can adjust to just about any position you’d ever need. The iPod Touch and iPhone models have a single stand, but work equally as well in portrait or landscape mode.

Inside of the iPad version, there’s a velvet-feeling finish that should leave your iPad totally unscathed. The material of the case itself feels like rubberized-but-soft finish that we’re seeing pop up in a lot of Android phones. It’s grippy enough, without feeling sticky, and leaves your devices easy to hold.

If you want a version for the iPad 2, as I’m sure many of you will, you’re going to need to wait just a bit. The iChair team has a Kickstarter project going right now, and they need your help.

So there you have it. Drop by the iChair site and have a look through the line. If you’re already an iChair owner and want to get early action on the iPad 2 case, back the Kickstarter project. Either way, if you’ve been in the market for a case, the iChair is one of the best we’ve seen.

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