World’s first music video shot using the iPad 2 [video]

World’s first music video shot using the iPad 2 [video]

Upon the launch of every new version of the iPhone and iPad, there’s always a slew of content creators racing to publish a “world’s first” video within their respective fields.

Yesterday we reported that Fox news had earned the title of the world’s first news broadcast using the iPad 2 and today, we’ve found the first ever music video shot entirely on Apple’s new tablet.

Remedy Films used 4 iPad 2’s to shoot a music video for the song “Need”, performed by Eddy. The video, posted on Eddy’s YouTube channel took approximately 5 hours to film and took 12 hours to edit using Final Cut Pro. They’d hoped to use iMovie on the iPad for editing but in order to get the video out fast, the editors bailed on the idea.

Aside from using multiple iPad 2s the team used various rigs to pull it off. One of the iPads was held by Eddy while the other devices were mounted to a steadicam rig, a Kessler Crane Cineslider and a DIY handrig. As we’d mentioned yesterday, these tactics to gain traction on YouTube are a bit gimmicky but we enjoy them nonetheless.

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