MagicWand: A sleek, handy tool to unify Apple gadgets

MagicWand: A sleek, handy tool to unify Apple gadgets

An accessory by Twelve South is a sleek, simple and handy tool that combines your wireless Apple Keyboard and Magic Trackpad into one badass unit.

MagicWand brings together typing and gestures, allowing users to relax the couch without the need to juggle two separate gadgets, and although it’s barely visible beneath your Apple accessories, it matches them with its matte silver finish.

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Twelve South’s design, weighing in at only 45 grams, enables an Apple keyboard and Magic Trackpad to be snapped in. This works by the use its flat surface that’s equipped with a slot (H-Beam) that fits the accessories into place, and the Magic Trackpad can be positioned on either the right or left of the keyboard.

The H-Beam has soft, rubbery, anti-slip feet to prevent it from moving around and scratching while on a desk. The material itself additionally aims to stop scuffs, it’s made Polycarbonate (same material of the Macbook) which reduces the chances of a metal on metal scratch.


Overall, the MagicWand is fantastic solution for unifying gestures and typing. Truly perfect for Apple fans who often control their Macs or Apple gadgets from the couch. It’s available for $29.99 at Twelve South’s site. Have a look at the video and let us know what you think.">

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