Scoopertino: Breaking Fake Apple News

Scoopertino: Breaking Fake Apple News

If you can’t get enough of Apple news and are looking for some extra entertainment you might want to check out Scoopertino. They regularly post pretty funny Apple stories that sound too good to be true, and are. As they describe themselves:

Scoopertino is an independent news organization devoted to ferreting out the most relevant stories in and around the world of Apple, whether or not they actually occurred

There is a wealth of jokes and fake stories on the site guaranteed to keep you distracted from your real work, so head over there on your own risk.

Todays story is titled “AppleLand theme park draws over a million in opening week” featuring the “AAPLcoaster: This high-tech roller coaster literally reconfigures itself second by second, mimicking Apple’s stock performance in real time. Feel the adrenaline rush as your nest egg soars to new heights, plummets to the ground, then rockets skyward once again.”

Previous posts were titled “Losing exclusive on iPhone, AT&T finds new partner in Taco Bell” and “Apple blasts into supermarkets with revolutionary Apple Water“:

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