Apple’s website gets an HTML5 facelift

Apple’s website gets an HTML5 facelift

The Apple website was down earlier today and, while some rumours claimed that a white iPhone 4 might finally be about to surface, it appears that the actual reason for the downtime was a rather snazzy, if subtle, HTML5 revamp of the website.

Yes, take a look at now and you’ll spot a darker navigation bar at the top of the page and a faint wallpaper background to the site. Delve deeper and the HTML5 makes itself obvious in the form of small animations. On the Mac page, for example, the computers ‘fly’ out from the centre of the screen. Meanwhile, click the search box in the right-hand corner of the screen, and you’ll notice that it dynamically resizes.

Blink and you’ll miss the animations, but they’re the kind of slick, subtle touch Apple likes to add to its products and it appears the website is now no different. On the downside, we’ve noticed that the animations do slow down page loads ever so slightly.

What do you think? I’m not 100% sure it looks quite as clean and elegant as it previously did, and I’d certainly rather have a quick-loading page than a delay while a cute animation loads.

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