The Beatles have now sold 5 Million Songs on iTunes

The Beatles have now sold 5 Million Songs on iTunes

This past fall, The Beatles collection was made available on iTunes and it was just reported that they’ve sold 5 million songs and 1 million albums on iTunes so far.

In November of last year, the fab-four made an exclusive deal with Apple to offer their digital tracks on iTunes. A deal that is said to end sometime in 2011.

The iTunes Beatles collection currently has 13 remastered albums (17 albums total) like the The While Album and Magical Mystery Tour. And, the band also has a box set for $149, that comes with all of the remastered studio albums, a mini documentary, and a video of the The Beatles first U.S concert from 1964 at the Washington Coliseum. If you’re a Beatles fan, it’s pretty great content.

The Beatles and Apple have had a strange past, and had a long dispute over of the name of their companies. Apple Corps, the multimedia company that operates Apple Records (The Beatles record company) had an issue with the similarities in the names. But back in 2007, it was settled and Apple (the tech company) licensed the Apple trademark back to the music company.

Apple has informed The Loop that the iTunes Store recently exceeded 5 millions Beatles songs and 1 million Beatles albums sold worldwide. “Abbey Road” is the current best-selling Beatles album in the U.S., while “Here Comes the Sun” is the currently best-selling Beatles song.

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