Apps with AirPlay, new gestures and hotspot support coming to iOS devices in 4.3

Apps with AirPlay, new gestures and hotspot support coming to iOS devices in 4.3

Apple has just released the latest beta version of its iOS software to developers. From what we’re reading over at Macstories, there are some interesting changes in store for iPhone and iPad owners. Oh, it’s worth mentioning though that this beta doesn’t seem to have support for the iPhone 3G or for the first two generations of the iPod Touch devices.

So what’s coming? From what we’re seeing so far, the first major feature is that iOS apps should soon be able to use AirPlay to broadcast to the big screen via Apple TV. It’s not known, yet, how far this will work but the very idea of playing Angry Birds or Infinity Blade on our 42-inch TV’s is pretty exciting.

Now, about those new gestures. For iPad owners, it looks like you’ll have 4 and 5-finger gestures available:

  • Pinch to home screen
  • Swipe up for multitasking tray
  • Left or Right swipe to switch apps

Need to see them in action? Here’s a demo video courtesy of Engadget:

And the “one more thing” for iPad owners? Your hardware rotation lock is back!

Oh, if you were hoping for mobile hotspot support? We’re seeing reports that (at least in the UK), that the hotspot feature will not work unless the carrier enables it. Simply something that is worth noting, for now. Apparently, even if Apple wants you to have hotspot function, the carrier will still get the final say.

We’ll be updating as we find more information. For now, give us your thoughts in the comments.

Update — According to 9to5 Mac, there’s a new icon for FaceTime, and much to the dismay of many of us, support for full-screen iAds.

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