Kindle For Mac Now Available On The Mac App Store

Kindle For Mac Now Available On The Mac App Store

Amazon has made its popular Kindle reading application available on the Mac App Store, adding to the impressive selection it already offers across destkop and mobile devices.

Granted the Mac application isn’t new, it’s been available via Amazon’s website for some time now, but what it does signify is the company’s intent on making sure it supports the new Mac marketplace as well as giving users a quick and easy way to not only download the app, but receive updates promptly in the future.

The free application launched on January 7 and currently occupies sixth position in the top free apps on the Mac App Store. The app itself works as it would on your smartphone or tablet device, syncing your library, remembering where you finished reading, ultimately serving as a gateway to over 750,000 electronic books.

With Mac OS X 10.6.6 now shipping on every new Mac computer, the Mac App Store will be present on all of them, giving companies like Amazon the chance to capture new users but also provide the very best service for those who already own a Kindle device.

Amazon also released an update for it’s Kindle app for iOS devices which allows users to finish (though not start) a download in the background whilst they enjoy other content. The app will now support raw files, so you can send in text from Mail, Safari and even pull in books via iTunes file sharing.

The Mac app doesn’t currently support Kindle features like the ability to read the book back to you but that may come as a future update. To download, either click here or head over to the Mac App Store on your Apple computer.

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