iPad 2 Case Emerges At CES With Mockup iPad 2 Inside

iPad 2 Case Emerges At CES With Mockup iPad 2 Inside

Chinese manufacturers have got the jump on us gadget loving folk, they are churning out new cases for Apple’s next generation iPad before its even been announced.

Yesterday, Engadget were looking at what looked to be an interesting case for the iPad which could would allow for a Bluetooth keyboard that could be magnetically attached to the front cover, looked to insert their own iPad into the sleeve, only to be told it was a case for the iPad 2.

That’s fine, we have been privy to a number of iPad 2 cases and mockups, this looked to be nothing new. That was until the guys at Dexim (the people who manufacture the case) showed a mockup of the iPad 2 that could be placed into the case. The mockup has now given us the clearest picture to date of the iPad 2 design and form, offering a slightly tapered edges and a rounded back, much like the iPod Touch.

Engadget notes that the iPad 2 will be slightly slimmer than the first-generation iPad, with the home button located nearer the bottom of the device. Camera holes were present, as was a large square for the speaker, which is expected to provide more output on the iPad 2.

Previously iPad 2 cases were pulled from listings suggesting Apple was applying pressure for the manufacturers to remove their mockups. With a physical mockup, it’s a lot more difficult to deny this is the final iPad 2 design, you wouldn’t expect these companies to offer cases for a product if they weren’t 100% sure it was going to launch with the exact dimensions.

Rumours suggest the new iPad will be announced in February, there shouldn’t be too long to wait now.

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