Fling Joystick offers new design for iPad gamers

Fling Joystick offers new design for iPad gamers

fling joystickMany of the add-ons we’ve seen that target iOS gamers usually come in form of a bulky case like the gamepad controller that encases the entire device. However a new accessory called Fling brings us a brand new design that simply suctions on to the iPad’s display.

Fling’s Joystick designed by Ten One Design offers iPad gamers a tactile joystick that possibly adds a better degree of directional control. It also provides force-feedback and due to its translucent design, throughout the gameplay, as the iPad becomes illuminated, the Fling Joystick disappears so you don’t miss any action.

This iPad add-on will work with any iPad game that features a direction pad and virtual joystick but they specifically recommend you use it with Meteor Blitz, Across Age and Super Megaworrm.

It works by positioning the Fling over the directional pad within the iPad game you’re playing and then pressing down to stick the suction cups securely on the screen. And, gamers can use a Fling for each thumb depending on whether the game itself supports the functionality.

The Fling tactile game controller for iPad is available for pre-order on the Ten One Design site for $24.99 or as a two pack for $38.00.

Overall the design appears to be bang on although we’ll need to get our hands on it first before we can make a proper judgment. We’d like to hear your thoughts, is this something you think you’d buy?

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