Apple to detail its first fiscal quarter earnings on January 18

Apple to detail its first fiscal quarter earnings on January 18

Although 2010 is coming to a close, December falls within Apple’s first fiscal quarter, the quarter that the company has announced will be met with a conference call on January 18 to discuss its financial results during that period.

Apple made a slight adjustment to its investor relations page, announcing the call which will commence at 2pm PT with a link to the call being made at a late date.

On the previous earnings call, Apple CEO Steve Jobs joined the call and discussed open versus closed nature of iOS and Android, which Jobs called a smokescreen. Jobs made certain to highlight that there are “100 different versions” of Android and went on to speak about the potential for four different Android Markets with Amazon is the latest to release its own.

The call is likely to detail just how much Apple has made from the 15.5 million iPhones it has shipped this quarter, the millions of iPad tablets that were snapped up over the Christmas period and clarify just how successful its Macbook Air has been since its launch.

Stay tuned, we expect some big numbers coming out of Apple in the new year.

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