iFlash Improves iPhone Photography With An External LED Flash

iFlash Improves iPhone Photography With An External LED Flash

iFlash for iPhoneIn the past, we didn’t worry too much about getting the “right shot” using devices such as our mobile phones. After all, the phone-camera quality way back when was so shoddy it wasn’t worth the effort. Times have changed. The 5mp camera and HDR technology on the iPhone 4 is capable of capturing beautiful imagery however there is one catch — you need proper lighting.

iFlash fills the void of the missing built-in flash component by plugging a light into the base of the iPhone.  This accessory has embedded a flash bulb placed on the far right which nicely connects to the iPhone through the 30Pin connector (charging port).  The design is clever, by connecting to the base, it offers a non-obtrusive experience. I would expect that the newest iteration of the iPhone will have flash built-in but until then the iFlash should do the trick.  If you don’t want to fork over the $39.95 for iFlash, you could instead grab a .99 app like iFlash Ready that lightens images and applies flash effects.

Despite the quality of your cam you need to illuminate the shot. When you’re snapping pics indoors this can be difficult to accomplish and sometimes impossible if you’re shooting somewhere like a dark nightclub.  This accessory will hopefully reduce the amount of bad pics in your iPhone’s photo gallery.

iFlash is compatible with the iPhone 3G/3Gs/4,Nano 3/4/5G, Touch 1/2/3/4, iPad
Brightness: LED 10cd 13cd
Color Temperature: 5000
Viewing Angle: 60 degrees
Color:  Comes in black, white coming soon
Dimensions: 44mmX19.5mmX11mm

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