Path Finally Hooks Up with Facebook to Find Friends

Path Finally Hooks Up with Facebook to Find Friends

When Path was launched as an app to share photos with select groups of friends (maximum 50), one of the criticisms was that finding friends was laborious at best. In fact when I first looked at Path, I was rather lost. Tonight TechCrunch has posted that Path now has connected with Facebook so at least you can find your Facebook friends who have Path already.

Since my first review I removed Path from my phone, so I’m going to reload it and see how the Facebook integration looks and check back in a moment…stay tuned for updates.

Update: Just like TC and the Path blog said, you have to login into Path on your browser or within the to connect up Facebook and Path. You’ll then be presented which of your friends are using Path and have connected Path with Facebook.

For me that was four people.

The better test will be in the next couple days when word gets out more about this.

Is Path going to be one of my favorite photo apps? Not likely. Still not enough there to keep me using it.

Let me know what you think of Path now that it’s been around for almost a month. Will being able to connect with Facebook get you to use it?

Update 2: The Path iOS app update just hit the app store that includes Facebook connections are these additional improvements:

New in 1.1

– Find Friends: Find your close friends with Facebook or your Address Book.

– Communicate: Reply to photos with a text message on iPhone or email on iPod Touch.

– Full Screen: Double tap any photo to view full screen.

New Since 1.0

– Share moments from your camera roll

– Improved friends features

– Improved profile

– Path now supports the camera-equipped iPod touch

– Improved battery life when using Path

Check your iPhones for the updates…well if you’re using Path.

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