Rumor mill: NBC $0.99 Show Rentals in iTunes?

Rumor mill: NBC $0.99 Show Rentals in iTunes?

This evening 9to5Mac is reporting that NBC shows might be soon available for rent in iTunes after saying NBC was not in the $0.99 market, so what is this:

Okay this looks convincing, but it doesn’t take much to put a little gray button into a screenshot. I checked my American iTunes account and, as I expected, The Office isn’t available for rent (not that I would, I swear I lose IQ points just watching that show).

Is it worth scouring the rest of NBC’s stable? Probably not.

Think this rumor has legs? In the back room of TNW, we’re tossing this one around like a hot potato. It would be great if NBC (and other networks) jumped on board, but is this just wishful thinking?

My gut calls, yeah. I don’t think NBC is going to do anything…yet.

Needless to say, we’ve got this on our radar now and we’ll update this post with more if we find it (or don’t).

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