Instapaper for iOS updated to support AirPrint and more

Instapaper for iOS updated to support AirPrint and more

One of our favorite services and iOS apps, Instapaper, has bumped up the iOS version of the app (the paid one) to 3.2.1 and one of the key new feature enhancements is support for AirPrint.

Marco has also updated the share panel to show the icons that you can share with…assuming you have them installed (I don’t seem to have any of the apps installed!). The list of apps you can share with has gotten pretty impressive:

  • Twitter apps:
    • Twitter, Twitterrific, Echofon, Twittelator, Seesmic, SimplyTweet, Birdhouse.
  • Sharing apps:
    • Tumblr, Shareables, Yummy, Delibar.
  • Reading apps:
    • QuickReader, GoodReader.
  • Productivity apps:
    • OmniFocus, Appigo ToDo, Firetask, Ideawell, Notitas, Notebooks, Terminology.
  • Utilities:
    • Pastebot, Print Magic.
  • Alternative browsers:
    • iCab Mobile, 360 Web Browser, Atomic Web Browser, Full Screen Browser, Sopods Full Screen Web Browser, Offline Pages.

This update also seems a little “peppier” than even the last update (which was supposed to have a noticeable speed improvement), so if you haven’t updated, hop on over to iTunes and update (or over over the air on your device). If you haven’t paid the $5 for Instapaper on the iPad, I think it’s worth the price. For me, Instapaper is an essential part of my workflow. Either here on my main machine to stash things for later or, and more importantly, on my mobile devices to use here when I need to write up the news.

Looking at how Instapaper is going, what would the next “Sent to/Share with” apps would be on your list?

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