Twitterrific 4 for the Mac is Going To Look Gorgeous

Twitterrific 4 for the Mac is Going To Look Gorgeous

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt about top bar Apple app developers is that they keep you waiting and tease you with infrequent updates that are just enough to keep you going till the next teaser. Iconfactory, developers of twitter client Twitterrific are no different. The desktop version of app hasn’t seen a solid update in some time.

Not long ago the company posted a teaser of the upcoming desktop release of the app, you can see that below to the left, but as pretty as it looks, it’s the clean lighter theme posted just a few hours ago to Dribbble that’s got me buzzing. Needless to say it’s stunning and should be a nice addition to the corner of my desktop the moment its released.

Naturally release date is yet to be confirmed but in the words of Icon Factory’s David Lanham, “Getting closer.” Bah, not close enough. Release it already! :)

Iconfactory is based out of North Carolina and along with their Twitterrific suite of apps for the mac and iOS, the company provides a scope of services primarily focused on design and application development.

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